The Alternative Right sprung forth from the divisive reactionaryism of far left progressivism. Simply put, the Alt-Right is the counter to the Far Left. Unfortunately, this has led to a competition of extremes. As Antifa’s jack-booted thugs become more brazen in their acts of violence and subversion, the more extreme dissidents among the Alt-Right have felt the need to respond with increasingly militant measures and draconian ideologies that often serve only to mirror the opposition’s insanity. Yes, we need to combat Marxism and crush the Antifascist mob. And that must be done by fighting them, physical removal has never been a subtle or ambiguous term by any means. But the ends do not always justify the means, and becoming a reflection of your enemy isn’t the way to defeat them.

Most of what comprises the various factions of the Alt-Right can trace its roots to libertarianism and the Ron Paul Movement. In fact, if you scratch an Alt-Right, just beneath the surface is a frustrated Ron Paul supporter. Right-leaning libertarians, PaleoConservatives and Constitutionalists who just wanted to be left the fuck alone, and finally realized that Marxists wouldn’t leave them the fuck alone. As they watched Libertarianism become perverted into a political laughingstock of Anarcho-Socialism, striptease publicity stunts and…whatever Vermin Supreme is supposed to be, every Libertarian right of Mao made their exit and many found a new home in Alt-Libertarianism, reading the essays of Augustus Invictus, Jared Howe, Radical Capitalist, Curt Doolittle, etc. Through this newfound outlet of their deep-seated frustration and disillusionment, Alt-Libertarians sought to organize a new brand of Libertarianism that joined Austrian economics with Hoppean philosophy and white civil rights. The latter was never confused with white supremacy except by those who wished to paint it as such in order to sow the seeds of division. 

As the movement grew in size and influence, another brand of Alt-Right began to emerge. The noisy, spergtastic walking memes I call Amish Nazis. They’re a HuffPo writer’s wet dream. Always at the forefront of the latest cringy trends in purity spiraling, these idiots watched Fight Club one too many times and have decided that the Final Solution to Cultural Marxism is to abolish technology and Jews. They have not-so-elegantly married circa 19th Century traditionalist living with National SOCIALISM. Hence, Amish Nazis.

Notorious Alt-Right activist Dwight Schrute and two of his family members pose for a photo outside a lecture hall in Scranton, Pennsylvania. (Image Credit: Mike Goldberg/VICE)

When they’re not carrying tiki torches and providing VICE with an over-abundance of political hitpiece ammo, these sperg nerds and Richard Spencer fangirls can be found furiously typing out essays in the comments section of Facebook posts they disagree with and jacking off to Hitler in their mom’s basement somewhere in Ohio. Seriously, what is it about Ohio that is so shitty that it’s citizens would rather live their lives churning butter and speaking Kraut? I can only surmise that it has something to do with the state’s Amish culture and a burning desire to eradicate every device capable of broadcasting the shitshow that is the Cleveland Browns. Maybe Baker Mayfield will bring an end to this epidemic by returning the Brownies to their former glory and inspiring buckeyes to once again emerge from their parents’ moldy basements and feel the warm embrace of the sun against their pale faces. 

As for myself, I’m a bit of an ideological floater. I don’t join groups or have a defined affiliation outside of a few core principles. So, I tend to be friendly with multiple circles and groups. I hate echo chambers and enjoy hearing new ideas. Even ones that piss me off. Outside of pure cancer, I’ll befriend anyone I believe to be of strong morals, regardless of politics. I like to surround myself with good people with sound ideas and positive lifestyles. 

The reason I don’t sign up for groups or stay in an ideological camp is because everywhere I go there are degenerates in the ranks and no true focus on a clear path. Regardless of leaning, there’s always an inner split of those who stand for principles and those who look to rationalize their shitty behavior with the facade of politics. Those are the true “sides” in this thing. Morality vs. Degeneracy.

Degenerates are in every ideology for one purpose. To use their ideology as a vehicle to ensure the survival of their particular flavor of sin. Not sin in the Christian sense of the word, but in a more basic interpretation of what we all know to be morally wrong. It can be pedophilia, laziness, greed, drug use, selfishness and so forth. Their priority is quenching the beast that controls them. 

That’s why I push Traditionalism and Nationalism so hard. And not the cringy radtrad bullshit that would have us all living like fucking Amish people. I’m talking about American traditionalism. Because political trenches cause the greatest tragedy of all. Pinning good men against other good men for what? Because they have different ideas of social structure that neither of them will likely see in their lifetimes.

Politics is a materialist cancer. If virtuous men stand together in the name of principle, good things will happen. I don’t care what you think about Austrian economics, religion or social structure. What I want to know is if I would invite you into my house for dinner. If you would respect me both to my face and behind my back, if you would reciprocate my loyalty, that is who I want as comrades. Men of virtue and honor. Not who agrees with my make believe ideas about money and voting.

Associate with good people. Purge the degenerates.


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