The New Zealand government has declared war on free speech, with the arrest of an 18 year old man who shared the shooter’s livestream. If convicted, the teen faces up to 14 years in jail. Now they’ve set their sights on the media, and are trying to strong-arm American outlets like ours into bending the knee and complying.

New Zealand internet service providers Spark, Vocus and Vodaphone have blocked their customers from accessing sites known for hosting “objectionable material” relevant to the shooting, or any site that posted the 17 minutes of real-time footage after it had been removed from Facebook. The blocked sites include Bitchute, LiveLeak,, as well as 4Chan and 8Chan. The latter, a site which exists largely for those who believe 4chan itself is too heavily censored, is where the shooter originally published his manifesto. Looks like the /pol/ boards are about to lose all their Kiwi anons. New Zealand joins China, Iran and North Korea in blocking entire sections of the internet from being accessed by its citizens.

Oi, you got a license for that free speech, mate?

Kiwi Farms, a forum site not unlike 4Chan and 8Chan, received a message from Sergeant John Michael of the New Zealand police, demanding email addresses and IP address logs for any users discussing the #ShitpostShooter or the livestream video. The NZ detective made clever use of implied legal threats in an attempt to scare Kiwi Farms’ website owner into releasing the information and violating their users’ privacy.


Needless to say, Sergeant Michael was not prepared for the based and First Amendment-pilled response he received from Joshua Moon, the owner of Kiwi Farms, who just so happens to be American, and doesn’t particularly give two shits about New Zealand’s censorship laws.


The Sentinel has likewise received such a request from the New Zealand police, asking us to remove all links to the livestream, and requesting personal identifying information on our users, and likely a probe to identify the anonymous sources who tipped our publication off to the livestream while it was still happening. They even threatened to contact our hosting provider and domain registrar if we refused to comply. Which we did:

”Sergeant Michael,

We understand that your nation has laws governing what speech is “free,” and what is censored. However, our masthead is an American outlet. Founded in America. By Americans. So, I must respectfully remind you that we are not the subjects of a frail, old hag you refer to as a queen, and we will not comply with your request, regardless of the thinly-veiled threats contained therein.

Furthermore, should any such demands be escalated to our hosting provider(s) and/or domain registrar, we fully intend to mount a protracted legal battle against your government and your department, the likes of which shall ensure you never again forget what happens when Her Majesty’s bobbies threaten the freedom of American citizens.

If it please the Crown, kindly fuck off, Sergeant Twat.


Danny Wolf”

We do not disclose anonymous sources, nor do we make a habit of doxxing our readers. Here’s the email we received from Her Majesty’s slag-wankers in blue.


The New Zealand police have been working overtime to scrub all traces of the video from the internet, and to prevent people from reading the shooter’s 74-page manifesto, which is essentially a meme-inspired missive where he attributes Spyro 3 for helping him embrace ethnonationalism, and points to Fortnite as the guide for training him on killing…and “flossing on the corpses of my enemies,” of course.


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