In the wake of yesterday’s rampage by 28 year old Brenton Tarrant in Christchurch, New Zealand, which left 49 dead and another 42 wounded, Muslim migrants in the US and Europe are taking to social media to voice their anger — by threatening vengeance.

Police in the United States and several European countries have received reports of bomb scares and mass shooting threats targeting Christian churches. One Twitter user posted a vague threat “revenge is coming,” with an image of an AK-47 rifle scrawled with white Arabic writing to mimic the symbolic writing and runes on Tarrant’s weapons and magazines.

Tarrant stated in his manifesto, “The Great Replacement,” that the goal of the killings at the two New Zealand mosques was to cause greater political polarization in the form of a second American civil war, and deepen the growing divide between white Europeans and Muslim migrants. Tarrant had written that he hoped liberals in America would react to the shooting with gun control measures, and back the right into a corner from which it could only keep its firearms by using them. After a quick glimpse of the rage-fueled comments and posts appearing online from Muslims in response to the shooting, it would appear he has succeeded at least in part.

An excerpt from Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto, “The Great Replacement”

The Double Standard

The very same international Muslim community that remained largely silent during the beheadings of “infidels,” the bombing last month of a Catholic cathedral in the Philippines, and the slaying of innocents in France and other countries is rebuking President Trump and his supporters for not showing a significant enough amount of empathy for the Christchurch victims, with Trump’s tweet of a Breitbart article on the shootings drawing criticism from leftwing media outlets and CAIR due to Breitbart’s supposed “Islamophobia.”

Christians are the new “terrorists”

In Washington, D.C., on Friday, police said they were providing “an increased presence at mosques in the nation’s capital,” and city officials were contacting religious leaders in communities there. And in New York, the city’s police department announced that it had also deployed “extra NYPD officers” to mosques throughout the city. No mention of extra security measures for churches was made, and requests for comment on the one-sided protective measures were not returned.

The FBI has instructed its field offices to investigate every person of interest and suspect who has shown any interest in attacking a religious institution, which makes it clear the Bureau believes at least some of the threats are legitimate. One of the biggest concerns voiced by investigators is that copycat killers will be inspired by Tarrant’s acts and his subsequent rise to fame, however, there is an equal potential of the next attack being perpetrated by the very same demographic he targeted.

As churches and mosques become the new battlefields in the culture wars, the need for the Second Amendment should be more obvious than ever before.

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  1. Comment:Why must Muslims in America threaten to kill Christians there. Were the shooters Christians? This is high time the American government should take drastic measures against Muslims in America.

  2. No body, institution, organization ,religion, tribe etc has the monopoly of virulent. Every human being hate virulent so don’t try it for It cannot be allowed.

    • Well did they also teach you at school about the 525 battles isalm fought against Christianity between 6th cent and 1920 and the day 50000 hindis were killed in India in one day simply because they were hindis This is where Grace and forgiveness and mercy has to prevail Remember after all they had done to Jesus he said from the Cross ‘Father forgive them for the know not what they do ” and already here in NZ we have forgiven and reached out in love and compassion to those hurting Families and that is our example to the world despite the fact that in Nigeria 120 Christians have been killed in the last month and the media is Silent about that

    • Lol crusades!!, all of them failed to acquire Jerusalem 😀

      I don[t wish this to happen again, but If this happened , this will awake and unite all Muslim countries again like before 100 years ago,
      Muslim don’t fear death, every one knows that even those bad sick Muslim terrorists, they killed themself first in most of their suicide attack they don’t care for their lifes, not like this coward one, shot and run to police.

      Read the history :

    • The man mentioned a truth of history. By the way that happened from the 10th or 11th century over a few hundred years by that time Muslims had already been rampaging thru parts of Europe since the 8th century.

  3. Comment:

    why don’t u ave sympathy when Christian r beheaded n bombed everywhere in the world but once a so called “children of allah die out of terrorist u keep on panyaking “,, what kind of peace do u clam ur religion preach??,,,hypocrite!!
    let us condemn terrorist no matter whom it affects

    • you do show sympathy, we have a complete 1 chapter of Quran just about Jesus’s (pease upon him) mother (Marry), most of women names in Muslims are Maryam(Marry)? and many Muslim men named Isa(Jesus).
      Muslims don’t wait Mohammed, he ordered us to wait for Jesus, he still alive with the God, he will come and save the world and we are waiting him, if you don’t believe me please do little search.
      We are not allowed to mention name of Jesus without saying pease upon him.
      You can believe me or not, but me and many millions of Muslims cried for every innocent soul taken by Muslim terrorist, they took from us also everyday. we need to fight this together, I blame politicians in USA before 9/11 they plant hate and trained Taliban troops to fight Russian and then killed them.

      • So true great to hear this coming from Muslim beliefs I never knew this I’m a born again Christian god bless you and you are right the media etc governments seem like they want us to all hate each other god Jesus said love one another I’m in Christchurch and it’s a very sad situation the devil wants us to hate each other god commands we love one another so let’s do as he asks and then the world would be a better place amen

  4. The criminal wasn’t a Christian. He was a far-left, dead-soul fruitcake. He deserves a bullet. However, if You want more trouble that you can possibly survive, start something.

  5. How can one person of unknown religion cause people from all around the world to think of revenge . The killer was obviously a loner and very mentally sick.

  6. In New Zealand this tragedy is terrible but we are all standing together to support the Muslim community and there is hope for peace and a huge movement against racism within the count right now I hope the world sees this that we are one people.. and the shooter was not a kiwi but we are disgusted this could happen here

  7. I do not think that the man who committed this crime is a christian, neither do I believe that any christian group or organisation is associated with the crime. Why should the church be attacked in retaliation. I think the man who committed the crime is still alive. He should be held responsible. Let us give peace a chance. We need to unite and fight crime irrespective of our religious affiliations. Peace be upon the world. Amen.


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