David Wu, the man behind the #ThotAudit, has become an unperson on Facebook. The self-made bane of instathots everywhere passed away quietly this afternoon. Only, he’s not quite dead.

No, he didn’t eat a zombie deer and become patient zero. A feminist outrage mob of tax-evading thots managed to falsely report Wu as deceased to Facebook, and the platform memorialized his account.

That Hoe Owes Taxes

Wu will be able to regain access to his account eventually, but he’ll have to undergo the ironically extensive process of proving he is indeed still alive first. In honor of his digital martyrdom, we took the liberty of publishing an obituary for David in his hometown of Auschwitz, Poland. In lieu of flowers, his family asks that you “press ‘F’ to pay respect…and go report a thot to the IRS, so his sacrifice wasn’t made in vain.” 

Don’t forget, you’re entitled to up to 30% of any back taxes collected, so there’s the added financial incentive of reporting thottery, on top of exacting some retribution for our “fallen” brother-in-memes. The IRS’ form for reporting tax evasion is relatively simple to fill out, but make sure you’re accurate in your statements, as each whistle-blower application also contains a “Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury,” meaning that if anything the sender submits is false, they could be held liable. Make sure to include “I think” or “it is my opinion” when referencing information you do not 100% know to be true.

Stay vigilant, Inquisitors.


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