Handmade by an expert metal fabricator and leatherworker, the hate stick is a modern take on the Medieval mace carried by Knights and Crusaders. The mace was a devastating melee weapon, with the blunt-force trauma effect of a sledgehammer, coupled with the penetrating force of a spiked bat. It also makes a great “tire thumper.”

This day makes me want to launch the 10th Crusade

Hate Stick Manufacturing Company’s line of finely-crafted weapons is perfect for mercilessly bludgeoning heretics and pedophiles to death. In Minecraft, of course.

The 550 cord-wrapped metal handle allows for a tight grip and fewer blisters after a long day of liberating the Holy Land. Again, in Minecraft. But Hate Stick MC doesn’t sacrifice aesthetic for functionality, as you can see by the smoothly-welded billets, perfectly symmetrical spikes and the finely-detailed artwork available in their custom one-off products.

Get yours at HateStickMC.com before they’re all sold out. (Each order takes 6-8 weeks to build). Don’t Deus Vult without one.



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