A meeting held by Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw (what a fitting name) erupted into chaos Thursday night, when Rightwing activist Haley Adams attempted to address the mayor and members of the community. What was intended to be a “listening session” looked a lot more like a modern day witch-hunt. 

Just hours before the session, PPB released a new batch of messages between Lt. Niiya and protest organizers leading up to a June 2017 protest. They show Niiya communicating with members of the OathKeepers and Patriot Prayer — as well as with left-wing counter-protesters.

The meeting was held to address concern among the community regarding favoritism at the Portland Police Bureau between officers and right-wing demonstrators and Antifa counter-protesters. The cause for this concern hinges largely on an exposé by commie rag Willamette Week, showing leaked text messages between several protest organizers and Lieutenant Jeff Niiya. Niiya heads the PPB’s rapid response team that patrols protests and intervenes when protesters clash violently on the streets of Portland. 

Let’s get #WokeWitchTrials trending on Twitter

In a recently released statement, Niiya said he was trying to talk to people on all sides of the demonstration to avoid a potential violent conflict and allow everyone to exercise their First Amendment rights peacefully. 

The context of the messages seems to show a frustrated Joey Gibson apologizing in advance for the potential of violence at an upcoming rally, with Niiya working to gather intel and diffuse the situation as much as possible. 

Dissatisfied with Lt. Niiya’s suspension as a result of the leak, Antifags and Portland DSA showed up en masse to hurl insults at the police, and shout down any and all dissenting voices present. This quickly escalated to violence when Adams stood on top of a church pew to speak her mind, with Black Bloc Commies attempting to punch her while screaming “fascists go home!” Of course, leftists claimed Adams “started a riot in a church,” while conveniently omitting the fact they literally tried to physically remove her for simply trying to speak.

A Commie cumstain quotes the Bible while ordering Haley Adams be burned at the stake for her rightness

Adams was asked to leave, and confronted by an angry masked mob in the parking lot while trying to get to her car. So, pretty much what you can expect when you invite Antifa to a civil discussion. 

We reached out to Adams for her side of the story, since everyone else is busy reporting the left’s side.

What’s your experience been as far as PPD officers protecting yourself and other Rightwing activists at PNW events? Do you think they agree with the mayor’s and chief’s actions?

Haley: No, they don’t agree with the Mayor and Chief Outlaw. PPD wants to protect us and know we are in the right, but they are ordered by the Mayor to stand down. One officer even stated to me I should run for mayor, as they’re sick of the lawless anarchy of Portland.

Were the Proud Boys with you last night to provide security? 

Haley: The PBs out here in the NW quit activism. They didn’t even come to last night’s event. It’s sad. 

So would you say anything was accomplished at this meeting? 

Haley: It was entirely a capitulation to Antifa and the DSA. We all felt like it was honestly a setup to smear us more. Every time that night a conservative person would speak, they would be screamed at, booed, called God awful things, and cut short on their time to speak. We were asked to leave, despite the leftist provocateurs being allowed to stay and provoke more. One woman, on video,  attempted to punch me and yelled death threats.

Who asked you to leave? 

Haley: The mayor, chief outlaw and the DSA asked us to leave.

Has any mainstream conservative media contacted you or made an attempt to cover your side of the story?

Haley: Not yet, your publication is the first.

What message do you have for those actually in the Alt-Right who have been turned away from patriot events? 

Haley: For politics, I am an anarcho-capitalist, and I believe everyone has the right to free speech by our first amendment right. No one should ever be turned away because of their opinion, regardless of views. Last night was a modern day witch trial. 

Haley Adams faces down a mob of masked protesters in the parking lot (Credit: Haley Adams)


  1. As a conservative Christian and supporter of Patriot Prayer, I have never in my life seen such disrespect or heard as much profanity as I did last night at the “Mayors Discussion and Feedback” from the community in a house of Worship! Antifa and it’s gang of thug followers! This is where the problem starts and this is where the blame belongs. The outrageous behavior by the audience was a live demonstration of who starts the unrest and law breaking in the cesspool called Portland!

  2. Antifa is the reason the German NSDAP started the Brownshirts in the 1930s . . . Germans are the largest ethnic group in the United States . . . Antifa and Patriot Prayer are both pathetic losers . . . We can’t afford health care for white American children because we need to be bombing somebody else’s for the love of Jesus and Israel . . .


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