Here we have some weapons-grade ignorance, brought to you by the Victory for Palestine Facebook page. I’d call this propaganda if it wasn’t so stupid.

Do you even physics, bro?

The image is clearly a comparison of a bullet wound versus a shrapnel wound, dipshit. Yeah, it isn’t pretty. You know, like the makeshift IEDs you guys plant all along the Gaza Strip for anyone and their kids to step on. But, by all means, educate us on this fully semi-automatic shrapnel gun, that fires metal fragmentation and flechettes, blessed by Rabbis and dipped in pig’s blood under the light of a full moon.

“Internationally banned bullets” certainly elicits a chuckle from any military vets reading this article. I’d like a list of these so-called bullets, so that I can order enough to arm a small nation. The Victory for Palestine page goes into further detail on a subsequent post to explain that Israeli troops are firing “high caliber flechette” rounds. Again, where can I get these?

The illustration is not a “photograph,” it is a drawing, and an inaccurate one at that. The long range weapons systems Israeli IDF snipers employ are chambered to fire the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge, and even hollow points (which are banned in war, but can still be used by police) won’t cause the damage illustrated by the entry and exit wounds depicted on the right side of the image. 

I’m not sure what is more ridiculous, this clear example of the lies and hatehoaxes perpetrated by the Palestinians against the Israelis, or Israel’s notion that America should be the primary financier of their ongoing border dispute. I would gladly “give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s,” but Israel is not my Caesar. And I do not enjoy being taxed further by my own country to fund weapons systems, both imaginary and otherwise. If Israel wants my money, then they need to make this flechette rifle into a working prototype. I’d fund the shit out of that, and spend a great deal of shekels to obtain one for my own private border disputes with the neighboring raccoon tribe that have for too long crossed into my yard undocumented and unwelcome. Sorry, Evangelinos, being Israel’s bitch is not putting #AmericaFirst.


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