Let me preface this by saying that I am Pro-White, in the same sense that I am Pro-American, because I’m proud of my heritage and my homeland. It’s Okay To Be White, and the time has indeed come to put America first, not Israel, Palestine, Syria, Venezuela or any other nation. Paul Nehlen knows this, and he isn’t afraid to say so publicly in no uncertain terms. And he doesn’t backtrack with a half-assed apology like Ilhan Omar. The fact that he is both revered and reviled by conservatives underscores the conflict between Trump’s GOP supporters and the dissident right elements among his base.

Of course, nobody can be in the national spotlight without Mike Cernovich trying to spin some controversy around them, so he can sell more books, or juice or whatever the Hell it is he’s pushing these days. The guy is the definition of media whore. He is walking, talking clickbait. But I digress.

I didn’t give much credence to Cernovich’s narcissistic hit piece on Nehlen, a story which seemed to focus more on Mike’s ego than on the subject of the heading. Nor do I view reading The Culture of Critique as damning evidence of racism. A book’s content is a reflection on the views of its author, not the reader. I might add that no group, ethnicity or culture should be beyond reproach, and it has never sat well with me that conservatives attack the only elected “Republican” to have the balls to share this view, namely my political spirit animal, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky).

Cernovich has launched a personal vendetta against Nehlen, and in a recently leaked email, was caught trying to hire a hacker to “dig up dirt” on him. Word to the wise, Mike, don’t hire hackers on Craigslist.

As for Nathan Bernard, fuck that guy. Anyone who threatens a man’s family and posts revenge porn on Twitter deserves to be hacked…in every sense of the word. But going after Nehlen is wrong. Wrong and funny, because Nehlen posts his own “dirt” out there for the whole world to see, he’s not hiding it. Nehlen is essentially Rand Paul without a filter. Which is probably why the aging evangelicals can’t handle his talking points on subjects like crime statistics, cultural Marxism, free speech absolutism and staunch criticism of over-reaching Israeli involvement in American politics. The latter seems to be the focus of those menopausal Midwest women who end every social media post with praying hands emojis, Qanon hashtags and Israeli flags, and call Nehlen a “Nazi,” “racist” and “fascist,” as if those words have any meaning in 2019, now that everyone right-leaning is considered all of the above. These MAGAmilfs and Qtards seem to be cloning themselves on Facebook and Twitter at an alarming rate. Don’t tell them about Gab or Minds, they’ll just fuck that up for everyone too. 

In a political and cultural climate where the Left sees everything it disagrees with as white supremacism, it isn’t hard to see why so many disillusioned young Conservatives have become enamored with the edgy punditry of the likes of Cernovich and Nehlen. They promote Patriotism and push back against postmodernism, even if they do so through the use of buzzwords like “white genocide” and “cuck.” They attack common enemies, such as Antifa and Jimmy Kimmel. I don’t hate Mike, he does some good journalism from time to time, but why is he always punching right? Hiring a hacker to dig up information on a fellow rightwinger is a new low beneath a bar that has been set abysmally low already by those who doxx their fellow patriots.

Speaking of lowness, one of the media’s favorite critiques of Nehlen and Cernovich is that besides patriots, they also attract what I call Amish Nazis, a bunch of pissed off trolls who want us to churn butter all day and think National Socialism is the cure for Socialism. These are the same people who promote “white shariah” unironically. I don’t blame Cernovich and Nehlen for who follows them, they have no control over their audiences. The difference is, Nehlen doesn’t reflect their views. Cernovich, on the other hand, has decided to drop some acid, chase it down with “chemically salty” protein shakes and declare Islam the savior of the West. Just when I think he’s said the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard, he starts talking again, it never fails.

Moderated murder. Seems legit.


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