Senator Narco Rubio stated recently that he won’t campaign for Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Senate run against Democrat incumbent Bill Nelson this November. Florida Republicans have been supportive of Scott’s intentions to announce his Senate bid in an attempt to unseat Nelson, but one purported Republican, little Narco, isn’t among them. “I don’t campaign against Bill Nelson,” Rubio said Tuesday during a meeting with local reporters. “Bill Nelson and I have a very good working relationship.”

Rubio did say, “I’ll support the Republican nominee,” exactly the sort of half-assed response you’d expect from a RINO who is well-known for his lack of anything resembling a spine. Little Narco must still be mad about coming in fourth place in the presidential primary in his own state.

Rubio then contradicted himself once again by adding that he “could not have a better partner” in the Senate than progressive liberal Bill Nelson. ¿Que?

Meanwhile, Nelson is gearing up for a heated battle with Scott, telling an audience in West Palm Beach Tuesday, “I’m ready.” Nelson further added, “It’s going to be clearly a set of contrasts on so many issues, from the environment to sea level rise to oil drilling off the coast, to the expansion of Medicaid in Florida. I mean the list just goes on and on and on.”

Conservatives took to Twitter to voice their disgust with Rubio, with Town Hall’s Kurt Schlichter asking, “CAN HE BE A BIGGER PUNK ASS BITCH?”

He could be a taller one, I guess.


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