Jenna Jameson is taking an “indefinite break from Twitter.” The announcement made to her fanbase came after the former adult film star felt she was being attacked for her Jewish faith.

Alright I’m taking an indefinite break from Twitter. It’s near impossible to just have normal conversations without hundreds of people attacking me for the past I cannot change. 👋🏻

Here’s the kicker. The “abusive” and “Antisemitic” comments are coming from leftwing trolls, in retaliation for Jameson’s support of President Trump. Apparently Antisemitism is fine, as long as the victim is rightwing. The ADL did not respond to a request for comment when asked if it was kosher for Goyim to publicly post negative comments regarding a Jewish person’s faith based on their holding a rightwing political stance. It should be noted that Jameson, a former Catholic, converted to Judaism after getting engaged to her Jewish fiancee. Perhaps her status as a former Gentile excludes her from the victimhood card so aptly afforded to those born into Judaism. Oy vey.


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