Facebook and Instagram addicts have been going without their daily digital fix of ego-validation today, as both platforms have been experiencing global outages since around noon Eastern Time, with portions of the East Coast, West Coast, Southeast, Mexico, South America, Europe and Africa affected.

Relax, you’re not banned. Yet.

Minds and Gab have seen a steady increase in traffic today, as Facebook users log on to alternative social media networks to read boring, self-deprecating news updates about Big Tech outages and share memes to ease their troubled minds. Many Facebook users initially thought they had been banned for sharing some of our Facebook page’s spicy memes, like this unrelated but equally newsworthy hot take right here.

This one got us a 30 day ban.

Users report not being able to post, reply to messages or, in many cases, log in at all. Facebook staff has stated the outage is not due to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, but they’re remaining very tight-lipped on the cause of the outage.

According to outage reporter Down Detector, out of its reported problems from Instagram users, 43 percent of users can’t access their newsfeed, 34 percent can’t log in and 21 percent can’t access Instagram through a browser. Instagram has not made a statement on the outage, or when the platform is expected to be back up and running. 

I’m sure it has nothing to do with the recent revelation that Federal prosecutors are investigating Facebook for alleged crimes stemming from the company’s data-sharing arrangements with over 150 other tech businesses.

The data-sharing deals helped Facebook gain more users, according to the report, and its partners were able to access user data without obtaining consent. A Federal Grand Jury in New York obtained subpoenas for Apple and Amazon, whose devices allowed Facebook and its data-sharing partners to access personal information about users without their consent. Facebook staff said they are “cooperating with investigators” in a statement released today, as Facebook’s website continues to undergo a massive, global outage.

Meanwhile, the domain auctioneer and website hosting company GoDaddy has reported widespread outages as well, with thousands of customers’ websites down and GoDaddy’s support lines overwhelmed with frustrated website owners. Wow, Inc., a cable, internet and phone provider servicing the Midwest and Southeast has had many outages reported by customers, as well as their tech support site being down throughout most of the day. 

Whether all the outages are related or not remains unclear, as requests for comment have only been returned with the confidence-inspiring reply “we’re working on it.”


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