The Italians appear to love themselves some President Donald Trump. Since 1873, they’ve held an annual carnival in the city of Viareggio, wherein they’ve used floats and masks made of paper maché to depict caricatures of notable people, places, events, etc. And it just so happens that among this year’s most notable “allegorical machines,” as the Italians describe their lavish floats, has been the God Emperor of Mankind himself, and he is here to make Rome great again. God Emperor Trump is based on the God Emperor character of the Warhammer 40K games and books. 

A participant dressed as a Space Marine stated, “There are those that follow the God Emperor, and there are heretics that must be purged. All hail the Father, Guardian and God of humanity,” as “Carolus Rex” by Sabaton played over loudspeakers in the background. These are exciting times we live in, where memes have become real life and Italians are calling for the extermination of heretics and “xenos scum,” a Warhammer 40K reference about alien lifeforms that Italians have begun to use as a description of migrants. I can only hope this serves as further evidence that the U.S. Space Force will indeed be recruiting Space Marines to conquer the galaxy.

It wasn’t long before the leftist psychophants and champagne socialists emerged from the bridges they live under to tweet their outrage over Italy’s “embrace of far-right fascism.” An account owned by what we can only assume used to be a woman, whose waistline competes only with her ignorance in magnitude, tweeted, “Warhammer40K is AltRight propaganda. BOYCOTT WARHAMMER!!!” There you have it, Warhammer 40K is really just an Alt-Right PsyOp to redpill Italians on #SpaceFascism. Games Workshop is fucking based.

Report this heretic to the Inquisition



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