Gab, the free speech social network, just launched a revolutionary new chrome extension, that essentially adds a censorship-free comments section to the entire internet. 

The Dissenter browser extension enables a sidebar where Gab users can comment in real-time on literally anything on the web — tweets, Wiki pages, porn —everything is fair game now. Naturally, all the blue checkMarx on Twitter are freaking out over the fact their tweets will now be subject to criticism that can’t be reported when it offends their sensitive egos. 

The open-source plugin also has its own website, where Gab users can share links for others to upvote, downvote and comment on, in the vein of Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon. 

“Dissenter creates a free speech comment section for any URL on the web. Users can access comment threads on a URL by searching for the link on Dissenter’s web app at,” explained Gab founder Andrew Torba. “Alternatively, if users install the free and open-source Dissenter browser extension, users can see comments being made on any URL they navigate to displayed in a sidebar in their browser.”

This isn’t exactly a cutting-edge development, Digg launched a similar comments plugin back in 2015 in a bid to increase social engagement on the otherwise blasé news articles that it aggregated. However, in today’s era of ideological censorship, perhaps the market is primed for such a product. 

A recent example of comment censorship was review website Rotten Tomatoes’ removal of comments for unreleased movies this week, which the website claimed was due to “trolling,” which is what leftists call it when someone posts a Rightwing opinion anywhere on the internet. Of course, the trolling they’re referring to is America’s popular opinion that the new Captain Marvel movie is absolute shit. Which it is. However, seeing as Captain Marvel was a shitty comic, perhaps Carol Danvers should be lauded for capturing the essence of the role so naturally. 

Given Gab’s public embrace of Bitcoin and all things crypto, it’s not hard to envision future development of Dissenter allowing for users to “tip” each other in cryptocurrencies, resulting in an entirely decentralized way of monetizing “trolling.” Either Torba is secretly a genius, or he’s just opened a Pandora’s box wherein “weaponized autism” goes commercial. Wait…that is genius. Kekistanis may one day soon profit from waging memetic warfare. 



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