Facebook engineers examine the aftermath of its latest product test

Facebook issued a warning on Wednesday that it will proactively shut down some groups and pages, even if they haven’t been found to be in violation of community guidelines…yet

In a recent blog post, Facebook said it will enforce the policy by looking at “a broad set of information,” including whether the page has a similar name or the same administrators as a page that has been previously banned.

This new policy is Zuckerburg’s way of adding teeth to the content quality moderation system he put in place to fight the spread of “fake news” on Facebook. Once a page or group has been flagged by multiple users, Facebook engineers will review the source to determine if it should be banned. 

Antifags will undoubtedly be hitting the “page quality” button on every post that leans right of Mao in order to shut down every rightwing conversation on Facebook. 

In the announcement, Facebook further asserts it will also make it harder for those whose pages that have been shut down for violations to return with new pages featuring the same, duplicated content by proactively banned pages and groups. Now, Facebook says when it removes a page or group for policy violations, it may also remove other pages and groups — even if the other pages and groups haven’t “met the threshold to be unpublished on its own.”

In other words, if Facebook believes the other pages and groups could be used as the new source for the content found to be in violation, it will proactively remove them…before they actually do so. It finally happened, folks, “Minority Report” (another installment in the Tom Cruise Reality series) is real life now. Only instead of actually predicting future violations, Facebook will simply assume that users who have violated their rules in the past will do it again. First it was facecrime, now precrime. I wonder what our benevolent technocracy will come up with next in their crusade against independent thinking. Consider us notified. Facebook is done with independent journalism and any opinion outside the insular Silicon Valley agenda. It will happen, slowly, gradually, but the trend is here. Users should stop bitching and move on.

While Facebook has had policies in place that prohibited people from creating new pages (or groups, events, accounts, etc.) for this purpose, it hadn’t been proactively enforcing this policy. Under the new moderation system, admins of banned pages and groups will effectively be monitored to prevent them from replicating the removed pages and content. 

Which can only logically mean that admins of unpublished pages and groups will have their accounts and IP addresses flagged by Facebook engineers. In other words, no more 2.0 pages. Time to fire up those alt accounts and Russian VPNs, boys and girls. 

The only solution for those guilty of wrongthink  going forward is to filter content by platform, and develop audiences on free speech-friendly sites like Gab, Minds and Steemit, as Facebook is openly waging information warfare. 


  1. It is manifestly distasteful to think I should have to “filter” my content presented on any platform, let alone Zuck’s Pravda enforcers. I have embraced many of the same free speech alternatives and I agree it would be wise to take advantage of the VPNs and alternative platforms, because sooner or later the new leftist establishment social media is coming for everyone else’s liberty online. Best to have places, strong ones, for free speech to thrive on when that happens.

  2. I belonged to a group that suddenly disappeared from Facebook this past Saturday Morning. It was the Group called Liberal Logic aka Liberal Insanity V 2.0. We had several thousand people in that group. After that I joined 2 new groups but found that when I tried to share a post to those new groups I would receive a notice that I violated their Community Standards. It’s sad and scary to think that Facebook has the right to decide what and who shall have the right to free speech on their site. So be careful,….Big Brother Zuck is watching.


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