Project Veritas’ latest exposé on Facebook’s secretive methods of Rightwing censorship revealed scores of documents and eyewitness testimony from a former Facebook employee. 

The documents, which have been confirmed authentic by Facebook, show that the platform has been targeting what it deems “Rightwing trolls,” based on keywords such as “cuck,” “MSM,” “SJW,” etc, as well as who these accounts are friends with, and what pages and groups they associate with. 

Credit: Project Veritas

Red-pilling, normies, SJW, MSM, Reee, Kek, Shadilay, cuck and zucced were all listed as keywords used to identify troll accounts. 

Credit: Project Veritas

Another proposed tactic in the presentation, authored by Facebook Data Science Manager Seiji Yamamoto, would apparently alert a “troll’s” friends list when they have been banned. The presentation reads:

“When a user does something egregious, warranting an account suspension or deletion, we should notify the friend network. ‘John Smith’s account has been suspended for 7 days because he shared hate speech in the group Kekistani Special Forces.’”

Furthermore, intel gleaned from the documents, along with pictures taken at a Facebook employee’s workstation, corroborate testimony from a former Facebook insider now employed by Project Veritas, revealing a previously unknown weapon in Facebook’s political censorship arsenal: Sigma. Sigma is the code name for a machine-learning AI that “throttles” the reach of content the platform considers offensive. Originally created to limit the reach of videos and posts depicting suicide or self-harm, Project Veritas’ insider claims the AI program, officially dubbed ActionDeboostLiveDistribution in the company’s documentation, has been used on many conservative pundits, including Steve Crowder, Mike Cernovich and the Daily Caller, to significantly reduce the sharing of their videos, live-streams and other content. As reported by Project Veritas’:

“A screenshot of an action log on Mike Cernovich’s Facebook page provided by the insider, shows the tag. The insider believes that the “deboost” code suppresses the distribution of livestream videos on Facebook. Project Veritas spoke to a current Facebook employee off the record who said that the code could limit a video’s visibility in news feeds, remove sharing features, and disable interactive notifications.”

Credit: Project Veritas

Unlike other limiting methods conducted by Facebook, page and group admins will not be notified when their content is being deboosted by Sigma, therefore, they will be unaware of its effects and unable to appeal to Facebook’s moderation team to review the material for reconsideration. It’s essentially a digital memory hole for dissenting political opinions.

The news comes at the heel of Tommy Robinson’s permanent suspension from both Facebook and Instagram, a move many conservatives say was in response to his recent controversial exposé on BBC. Facebook claims the ban is a result of Tommy meeting with and showing support for the Proud Boys and Gavin McInnes, both of which the platform considers “arbiters of hate.” Under Facebook’s latest definition of hatespeech, it is now a violation of the network’s terms of service to meet with a “hate figure,” show support on or offline for them or organize events with “hate groups” like the Proud Boys. 

Despite an affirmation from the FBI that it had mistakenly labeled the Proud Boys “extremists,” the esteemed (Read: sarcasm) Southern Poverty Law Center maintains its position that the group is a white nationalist gang, even though they boast many non-white members within their ranks. Gavin McInnes recently filed a lawsuit against the SPLC for falsely labeling him a hate figure, and it’s no secret that Facebook has long relied upon the SPLC’s notoriously-faulty reporting methods when determining which users should be banned from the platform. In June 2018, British political activist Maajid Nawaz won a $3.4 million defamation suit against the SPLC, who had included him in a 2016 list of “anti-Muslim extremists,” despite the fact that he was himself a Muslim. The SPLC has subsequently removed the list, following public backlash from people who claimed they were wrongly included in the list with little or no investigation into their political and religious beliefs conducted by the organization. 

This begs the question, at what point will Big Tech stop relying on the hate-hustlers at the SPLC? Regardless, it’s become beyond clear that Facebook has no intentions of becoming an unbiased platform, and its many apologies for shady practices ring hollow when made only after revelations of wrongdoing by groups like Project Veritas. Facebook is not sorry for what they did, they’re only sorry they got caught. This digital game of cat and mouse will only continue, with Facebook’s engineers returning to their beanbag chairs to discuss new tactics and technology with which to silence their ideological enemies. 


Facebook is Banning Pages & Groups *Before* They Violate the Rules


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