John Galton, an American anarchist, bitcoin enthusiast, and marijuana activist was recently shot dead in his home in the Mexican resort of Acapulco.

Initial reports by Mexican authorities have alleged the shooting was perpetrated by local cartel members, and may have stemmed from Galton’s part-time job as a drug dealer. But who is John Galton? For those of you who weren’t buying pot or cocaine from him, John Galton was also the host of ‘Anarchapulco Fork’ Anarchoforko.

Anarchopulco: Come for the tequila, stay because you got murdered.

According to the Daily Mail, the shooting shocked the anti-establishment community that organizes Anarchopulco. Who would have thought that the “most dangerous city in Mexico” wouldn’t be a safe place for drug-dealing gringos? It’s literally called the murder capital of Mexico. Guerrero state, home to Acapulco, has a murder rate of 64.2 per 100,000 residents, more than two times that of Chicago. In recent years, Acapulco has become a hotbed for violence between rival drug cartels, corrupt authorities and smaller gangs known for kidnapping tourists. It’s also the location of Anarchopulco. For those of you not aware, Anarchopulco is a yearly conference held by anarchists and crypto enthusiasts in Acapulco, Mexico. These events include tequila-fueled seminars on freedom-related topics, and overhyped presentations on how to “get rich” investing in the latest crypto shitcoins. 

In a video posted to a YouTube channel called “Press For Truth,” John and his girlfriend Lily Forester described how, in early 2016, they fled to Mexico to escape drug charges in the U.S. John said they each faced up to 25 years in prison for manufacture of a controlled substance – specifically, condensing marijuana into hash oil – that Lily used for chronic pain.

On social media, Lily posted updates on the situation, revealing she saw the gunmen go straight for John and his friend Jason Henza, who was also shot. What…why weren’t the shooters following the NAP? Henza, however, reportedly made it to a private hospital with bullet wounds in his armpit, leg, and hand, but checked out the same day he was treated. There is something to be said for unregulated private healthcare, talk about a quick turn-around, these private Mexican clinics are like the fast food of healthcare. I bet he would still be wasting time and pesos in a hospital bed, getting unnecessary bloodwork done and receiving antibiotics to make sure his wounds weren’t infected if he’d checked into a public facility. 

In a video on social media, a distressed Lily screams for help and asks for “somebody [to] please come” as she revealed Galton was dead and “Henza is in the other room dying.” Henza, in a blood-smattered T-Shirt, posted a video of himself on Facebook as well. Going on Facebook live instead of calling 911, that’s #LibertarianAF. As any AnCap will tell you, calling the cops is statist. 


  1. Those anarchists are a devoted bunch, aren’t they? I understand being ‘down for the struggle’ and all that but taking bullets for that cause, well I just can’t get there. Not even in Acapulco.

  2. Fuck you, you despicable ILLUMINATI NAZI, how dare you demonize anarchism. Anarchists are always peaceful freedom fighters. Anarchy always peace and liberty. There can only be peace when there’s absolutely no government period.
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