A 30-year-old man soyboy, named Michael Rotondo, didn’t get the memo when his parents told him to move out. Even though they left five notices. Left with the options of physical removal or litigation, his parents cucked and sued for eviction.

Times are tough. It’s hard to make it on one income, especially if that income is in World of Warcraft tokens. If you just read the headline about a 30-year-old guy who refused to leave his parents’ home without seeing this picture, this is exactly how you’d imagine him to look.

After giving him a note stating that he needed to move out failed to get the message across, his parents drafted an eviction notice with their lawyer, along with a much less sternly-worded letter than one would expect from even the parents of a 30-year-old manchild.

“Michael, here is $1,100 from us to you so you can find a place to stay,” a Feb. 18 letter starts. It goes on to suggest he sell his stereo, some tools and any weapons he may have to gain money and space. “There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you. Get one — you have to work!”

For all of you cruel people attacking this poor cuckboy in the comments, don’t be so harsh on this poor guy. Fortnite will not win itself and somebody needs to be man enough to make the sacrifices needed to win. This guy has what it takes. Bet his Minecraft world is dope as fuck too.

According to court documents, Rotondo does not pay rent or help with household chores, and has ignored his parents’ offers of money to get him settled into a place of his own.

In April, Mr. and Mrs. Rotondo went to their local courthouse to see if they could evict their son. But they were told that because Michael is their immediate family, they would need a Supreme Court justice to officially send him packing. New York State Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood rejected Michael’s claim of being entitled to six months notice as outrageous, and ordered him to vacate the premises, effective immediately.

Rotondo told reporters he’ll appeal. No word on if he managed to dress himself before appearing in court to state his case, but it’s safe to assume holidays are gonna be awkward as fuck.

He intends to base his appeal on the argument that he wasn’t given enough notice, and is entitled to six months instead of thirty days, as he is unemployed and has nowhere else to go. He further asserts his length of residency and receiving mail at the same address establishes his rights under landlord tenant laws.

Yes, he has rights. However, the right to be a free-loader is not one of them.  He doesn’t have the right to live in a place that isn’t his, and one where he’s not welcome. And that, boys and girls, concludes today’s lesson in private property rights



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