If you are committed to the truth, you cannot fail.

Negative attitude is not a new phenomenon on the political right. Edmund Burke requested to be buried in an unmarked grave. He was convinced that the Jacobins would come to England and desecrate his grave and destroy his remains, like they did to the graves of the French saints and their ideological enemies. The revolution did not, however, spread throughout Europe. Not in the way Burke imagined it would, at least.

“The Triumph of the Guillotine in Hell” by Nicolas Antoine Taunay (1795)

Burke’s blackpilled moment came when he was near the end of his life. Now however, there is a growing contingent of right-wing youth that’s completely blackpilled about politics at the age in which they should be idealistic, about life in general and not just politics. 

“Thus we take revenge on traitors”.
1789 engraving depicting French soldiers or Parisian militia carrying the severed heads of the Bastille’s commander Bernard-Rene Jordan, Marquis de Launay and Paris mayor Jacques de Flesselles.

Since Burke’s time there has been a shift on the right towards nihilism and pessimism. Spengler wrote a bestseller called “The Decline of the West”, Evola considered all politics to be futile and there is an entire genre of literature on the subject of the coming race war and the collapse of civilization. There is an entire intellectual current which has systematically spread the black pill around the right-wing. I called them “anti-modernists” in one of my previous articles.

An there’s a reason for their nihilistic attitude. These thinkers usually start with a certain ideal vision they have for society, whether it through a religious, national, traditional or a racial lens. They then contrast this ideal vision to the reality, and realize there would be problems with the implementation of their vision. Once they see that their plans are futile, they turn to despair, nihilism and hatred. They lash out against reality like angsty teenagers. Few go so far as to perpetrate their own version of school shootings. Those that do, delude themselves and their followers into thinking they carried out a meaningful political act.

This attitude is something that can be expected from the left. The left rejects the whole idea of natural law and natural order. But how has the right fallen into such utopian thinking?

It is very unlikely that a thing is natural, if all reality resists it. If you need a totalitarian government to impose your vision on society, chances are what you want to impose is not natural.

Private property is natural, because it doesn’t need to be imposed on reasonable people. Jared Taylor would say that a degree of segregation on a local level is also natural, and that active measures (forced integration) are needed to prevent it. Others say that a “post-racial” society is. To be a friend of liberty is to welcome the free choice of people, without prejudice to what the result might be. To be a friend of liberty and a right-winger is to have faith in the natural order of things.

Now, it is true that there is some pessimism on the right which is not “anti-modernist” in origin. Even libertarians will talk about how hopelessly broken the democratic system is. The difference Is that the anti-modernists are complete political and sometimes even social nihilists. Not all are as consistent as Varg Vikernes, but all most reject politics and society wholesale. And yet there is absolutely no reason that our society cannot be reformed. Yes, it will require hard work. Yes, you will be attacked. Yes, you will make mistakes. But that’s exactly the same process the Marxists had to go trough to become a dominant current in society.

The Gathering of the Manna, c. 1460-1470.

I don’t care how “extreme” your positions are. If you think they are justified by reason, if you think your ideas bring best outcomes for people, you should be whitepilled! Chances are are more intelligent than the average activist on the left, more well read and more curious and interested in new ideas. What chance do they have? You don’t need to be a mastermind if you are not trying to convince people to act against their interests. Your job is so much simpler, if you are really committed to the truth.

The Israelites Gathering Manna in the Desert,
Peter Paul Rubens, c. 1626-1627.

Get a job, read, become successful, wash your b… eh I mean, clean your room, socialize, speak with like-minded successful people, get ahead. Soon enough you’ll be on top of the world. And above all else, avoid negativity. You don’t need perpetually blackpilled people or blackpilled authors to drag you down. 

“Have you ever said Yes to a single joy? O my friends, then you have said Yes too to all woe. All things are entangled, ensnared, enamored; if ever you wanted one thing twice, if ever you said, “You please me, happiness! Abide, moment!” then you wanted all back. All anew, all eternally, all entangled, ensnared, enamored–oh then you loved the world. Eternal ones, love it eternally and evermore; and to woe too, you say: go, but return! For all joy wants–eternity.”

Friedrich Nietzsche


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