The Black Hebrew Israelites managed to incite a media frenzy culminating in thousands of self-described tolerant liberals calling for the murder of a group of Catholic teens and their families for being “racist” by doing nothing more than smiling. How did they accomplish this? By being racist. They yelled racial slurs at the kids and instigated the entire situation in hopes of achieving the only outcomes they comprehend: violence or victimhood. 

Let’s examine the beliefs of these Black Hebros, for a better understanding of their motivations. The Black Hebrew Israelites believe they are the true descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel, and that modern-day Israelis and other Jews are frauds who have no connection to the Israelites. No, this isn’t a satire article, sadly. Their hatred of Jews has led even the hatehustlers at the SPLC to label them “racist militants.” Which may have something to do with their street preachers calling for the death of Jews and whites (the SPLC is ok with racism against whites) while walking around carrying firearms in the streets of Baltimore and other cities. Or yelling “sieg heil!” in front of Jewish synagogues while praising Hitler and celebrating the Holocaust. I get it, it’s edgy and ironic to LARP as a literal Nazi when everyone else is getting labelled one for no reason. Perhaps my favorite part of their religion is their claim that Jesus was black, because it gives me an excuse to use a Snoop Christ meme in this article. 


Among their many prophecies is the belief that Snoop Christ will return to kill all the Whites and Jews for the sin of being whites and Jews. I must have missed that particular passage, but let’s not let petty differences in scriptural interpretation sidetrack us here. Like many cults, the Black Hebrew Israelites just can’t wait for Armageddon to happen, as they’d rather live out the end of the world than suffer one more moment on Earth surrounded by whites and Jews. It does bring me some measure of satisfaction knowing that my mere existence is an affliction to these people. 


  1. Well, I have seen a few videos of these bozos before, by the way, Black Nazis are actually a thing, they also even existed in Nazi Germany. Believe it or not, there wete not only People of Color who supported Hitler & the Nazis in the Nazi Germany days of last century. There are also POC who are shills for the Alt-right scum and villainy. Black Anti-Semitism is nothing new BTW.


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