Those smoothtalkers and human cockroaches at VICE would have you believe they peddle edgy truth, wrapped in sarcasm. They want you to buy their version of the world, where junkies and pedophiles are the good guys and masculinity and whiteness are the root of all evil. You can’t make this shit up. Except you can. Amazon thinks you need another throwaway smart gadget to fill the soul-crushing void that exists within your heart. More useless shit you don’t need to make you feel like all of your choices have been worth something. Facebook takes up a not-so-insignificant fraction of your life, and its thought police reading your posts know you’re lonely and unfulfilled.

Everything about your personality and life is not defined by who you are, but by what you own and how interesting people that don’t give a shit about you think your fake life is. You’ll be subscribed to at least one, maybe multiple subscription services, you’ll happily use social media and upload all of your information to the cloud, and you’ll gravitate towards things that seem “rational” and use big words in order to come off as intellectual. In fact, your social media use defines a lot about who you are, as you try to get the most likes on social media humblebragging about your life and viewing the lives of others who do the same. This is your life, and it’s ticking away as you scroll past memes and Kiki videos.

No matter how much you try to dress it up and disguise it, there is something missing in your life, something that can be seen in your face. Something that can be seen the minute you strip away all the consumerist choices and realize there’s nothing else. Your life is empty, hollow, and all about serving corporations, until you die, and this is seen in your empty stare that implies you’re dead inside.

The culture of this existence is but a particle in a finely-tuned beam, racing through occipital receptors, triggering responses to things like the new smartwear, or which celebrity fucked who, or whether the spokesmen for your fine States truly represent the populace or slip their silver amongst their synaptic network of bureaucrats with dollar signs etched in their souls and eyes. Whether your eyes will be filled with the light, or with the plague of the abuse of information. The universal handshake that was the internet was infiltrated from the beginning, and information of any sort is taboo to no one. To think that even we cannot see you wipe your ass is quite foolish. To believe that humanity has even the slightest understanding of the workings of this universe is arrogant, and unashamedly flamboyant amongst groups of power. To believe that a scripture of any sort is any sort of true is as hypocritical as it is foolish. The ultimate battle has begun today. Today is the day that the prime of the species will have to “declare war on extinction.”

You weren’t born to sip lukewarm lattes, pick out drapes or tip-toe around people’s feelings. You were born to shatter skulls, turn cities to ashes and crush the anti-fascist mob.


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