Are you a good man or a nice guy? If this seems like an odd question, you should read this article, as there’s a big difference.

Character vs. Reputation

A nice guy will be worried about his reputation. But good men will be only concerned with their character.

A nice guy fears being rejected, so he seeks validation from others. Good men are self-validated. A nice guy will cloak his intentions, and will also be unclear as to avoid offending anyone. A good man will be upfront about his intentions. He will have clear aims. He does not leave any space for ambiguity.

Most of us would describe the nice guy as a beta or a cuck. Women can’t really pinpoint or consciously describe his unattractive behavior, but would tell their friends, “He’s a nice guy, but I’m just not interested. His boss would likely say “He is not a leader,” or “He does not possess strong qualities to move up the chain,” and those guys whom he calls “best friends” see him as a last resort when they need someone to pick up the bar tab or be the designated driver. On the inside he secretly despises himself. 

Basic & Boring

Assholes can be forgiven if they are interesting, however, if you are boring, there is nothing else about you that will make up for it. That’s the reason there are so many nice guys sitting at home on Facebook bitching about their sex life and jerking off. Not all of them, but many of them are just too damn boring.

Nice guys are all about small talk, and nobody hates small talk more than…well, everyone with a personality. Gossip is for girls. Stoic men are more interested in ideas, because they seek to better understand the universe, whether through anecdotes, observations, discussions, or sound science. Instead of talking about video games or who Chelsea the friendly whore is currently seeing sucking, the alpha man is busy figuring out how to make more money or seeking wisdom from the words of the masters. 

Toxic Chivalry

As the West faces economic instability, a global migrant crises, terrorism and war, people have fixated on what they think is our biggest problem: masculinity. Nice guys aren’t chivalrous, they’re submissive. They pick and choose which parts of gentlemanly behavior they want to imbue, and discard those that might be offensively masculine. The nice guy does the “hand hover” to earn accolades from feminists, while cursing the actual gentleman for behaving like one. It’s imitation versus authenticity. The authentic man doesn’t hold the door for a lady to gain likes on Facebook, he does it simply because it’s the right thing to do…and because she provides a pleasant view as she walks through the doorway. Masculinity is a virtue, not a vice.

Professional Spectators

Nice guys tend to be barstool athletes. They believe being obsessed with sports—memorizing statistics and pointless trivia is masculine. The nice guy truly believes if he knows about professional athletes’ careers and personal lives this makes him an expert on athletic competition. He will critique an athlete’s abilities and insult their character, all while being unable to bench press 100 lbs. Is there anything less masculine than sitting on the couch, watching television, and eating junk food?

For too long, society has worked to besmirch masculinity in the West as vicarious spectatorship, where professional athletes are seen as heroes and role models for no other reason other than they’re professional athletes. Iron sharpens iron, make sharp your mind and body through debate and contest.

You are the Sum of Your Choices

Life is full of choices that eventually define who you are as a man. Ultimately, you have two roads you can go down that will direct your life choices on a much grander scale. You can take the easy road: the path of short-sightedness, meaningless pleasantries, and eventual self-destruction. This is the path that “modern” society sets you up for. You can hack it through the Marxist education system through college, get a soul-crushing job, indulge in senseless consumerism, and marry your average promiscuous feminist. This path is for those of weak mind and feeble character. 

Alternatively, you can take the path less-travelled that leads to self-fulfillment. In so doing, you put real effort every single day of your goddamn life into becoming the best man you can become. This mindset drives you and it is the essence of your very being as a man. To daily seek self-improvement. Maybe the reason you haven’t found the woman you think you deserve is because you have not become the man you believe yourself to be. The choice is simple: live audaciously. Become the #KingsOfHere


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