“The night they drove Old Dixie down

And all her bells were ringin’

The night they drove Old Dixie down

And all the people were singin’”

It began nearly four years ago. A horrendous act of murder, sparked off the most egregious attack on the South since Appomattox in 1865. The wheels began turning, when Haley ordered the flag taken down at the Columbia, SC Capitol grounds. And the wagon of hate has been hurtling downhill ever since, gathering speed…showing no signs of stopping. From South Carolina to North Carolina to Florida to Louisiana to Texas and further. The Revisionist Purge has become the spearhead of the much continued Reconstruction. 

I’ve read countless comments about the removals, in picture posts and online live feeds. Observing the dialogue since the Southern Purge began. And the general consensus on being asked to stand with Southerners in defense, the answer has been relatively the same: 

“It won’t make any difference, so why bother?” 

One guy went so far as to say flat-out that it was pointless, that he didn’t care about anywhere else, and would only defend his own area. Talk about “heartwarming unity.” The South has long been the doormat of the country. We’ve been trampled on, kicked around, stereotyped and slandered, and are now being swept under the rug of ambivalence. I know this, because I have witnessed it firsthand at many rallies. People who say they’d show up to stand with us….then *poof* they’re nowhere to be found. 

What these same folks don’t realize is that we Southerners don’t forget a single thing. Our memory is as steely as our resolve, and as vast as our pride. When the Leftists start targeting all other monuments, like Washington and Jefferson, when they vandalize Mount Vernon and Gettysburg and Arlington, when they torch and tear down the American flag daily….those who say and do nothing about ours won’t get a solitary ounce of sympathy from me. Not one iota of a damn will be given from this Confederate heart. Not a single tear will be shed. No eyebrow will be raised. No emotions will be felt. 

When all the monuments start coming down…I will sit back, sing “Dixie” and laugh.

In closing, it may be perceived as “pointless” to fight for Southern History, but I’d rather fail trying, with all the boiling blood of my being…..than do nothing at all. It’s the fire of pride in my blood, as it’s in the blood of every true Southern Confederate descendant. We rise, we fall and we rise again. That’s a pride that many will never understand. And it will never be taken from us, come what may. 

“Oh, I’m a good old rebel

Now thats just what I am

And for this Yankee nation

I do not give a damn

I’m glad I fought against her

I only wish we’d won

I ain’t asked any pardon

For anything I’ve done”

~Deo Vindice~


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