We are told almost daily that we need to be more tolerant and that “diversity is our greatest strength.” But whose greatest strength is it really? Who is diversity empowering? The same sanctimonious soothsayers that cash in on every opportunity at victimhood: the left. When they say it is our greatest strength, that’s exactly what they mean. Theirs, not ours.

Diversity is code for demographic engineering, and has paid in spades for the Democrat Party in recent decades, in the form of votes and campaign contributions. The very notion that diversity is a strength implies that it’s an improvement on the pre-existing homogeneous population. The obvious underlying message is that races are commodities in the social marketplace, and that “diverse” (Read: non-white) races are better than whites. Sounds kind of racist, doesn’t it? While it’s true that a diverse stock portfolio is more resilient, stocks do not perform on the basis of their ethnicity or nationality, but on the merit of the innovations that drive them. 

Thomas Sowell once said, “The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their sociology department.” Economists could surely benefit from Sowell re-emerging from retirement, but that is because Thomas Sowell is a genius, not because he’s black.

You cannot have “too much” or “too little” of a race of people in a population. Because people are not commodities. Those who count the tallies of whites versus non-whites in any given situation and seek to make everything more diverse are stripping human beings of their very humanity, reducing us all to mere statistics in a social experiment. It’s unashamedly arrogant and criminally ignorant to assume one can win a war against nature, who, in her infinite wisdom, brings about balance in all things. People will follow resources and opportunities, just as they’ve always done, whether the demand for their supply is in vogue or not. 

There’s an ever-growing body of evidence that even if diversity once made America stronger, it may not be doing so anymore. Robert Putnam, a liberal sociologist at Harvard, found that increased diversity corrodes civil society by eroding shared values, customs and institutions. People tend to “hunker down” and retreat from society, at least in the short and medium term. When your neighbor waves a Mexican flag and calls American patriotism racist, you’ll be less inclined to like them. If they hate your values, they probably won’t like you either. In the era of celebrating our differences and making them the essence of our identity, assimilation has been disregarded as heresy. 

The continuous push for diversity is one that clearly ignores the lessons of history, given that the Roman Empire’s fall was brought on largely by Rome’s inability to assimilate the people it conquered. Diversity only works when there is a uniting culture of ideas, values and traditions bringing everyone together. Americanism is our greatest strength, and it is only achieved through assimilation.


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