Courageous. Daring. “Tall and proud.” Once upon a time, these words defined the actions and character of wholesome men and raw masculinity. This ain’t it. 

Whiskey. Tango. Fucking. Foxtrot.

No one likes a virtue-signaling pussy. Women can sniff right through fake virtue. Be a scoundrel. Be a baron, a master, a patriarch.

A patriarch is a man who exercises autocratic authority as a “pater familias,” over an extended family. The system of leadership of families by senior men is deemed patriarchy. 

1945 — American actor and proud patriarch Robert Mitchum and his wife Dorothy Spence with their two sons — Image by © Sunset Boulevard/Corbis

The word is derived from the Greek meaning “chief or father of a family.” A compound of (patria) meaning “family,” and (archnein) meaning “to rule.” Our people and our nation, which are one in the same, are in desperate need of patriarchs to lead us out of postmodernism. Those who seek to “smash the patriarchy” do so out of fear, as they see it as a threat. They’re literally giving you the answers.

Our publication seeks to guide men and women to getting back in touch with the historical and moral roots of our civilization. Strong, intelligent and ethical men and women come together to make families, and families are the foundation our Great Republic is built upon. 


The Difference Between a Nice Guy and a Good Man


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